Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thanks for the suggestions!

I have managed to find an age appropriate gymnastics movie to show the kids. I'm hoping it gets here this week! The kids actually got to try out the bar this past week in class & that was something to see. They both even going to the point where both their hands & feet were on the bar & they turned over it.

I forgot to take my camera for that, so these other pictures will just have to do. They are from last Sunday when we went to church.

I hope everyone is doing well!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This will have to do for now...

We're getting ready to head to Gymnastics now, so thought I would post a few pictures before I head out. Sorry a couple of pictures are a bit dark, not sure what is going on with my camera...

Here are both kids giving the Vault a try. Ian is getting really good at hitting the blue box to bounce on to the mat well. Leah is still working on it a bit.

Here is Leah getting up after trying a sommersault on the foam incline.

Here is Ian giving his sommersault a try.

The teacher is helping them learn how to hop on one foot through the rings.

Here's Ian after going across the beam.

They are learning how to do several different things and seem to be having fun with it. After each thing they are learning to put their feet together and their arms up. It was the first thing the teacher taught them to do. Now, I just need someone to remind me of a couple of gymnastics movies I can show the kids so they can have some idea of what they are doing. They haven't shown anything on our TV channels relating to gymnastics and I kind of wanted them to see what gymnasts do. I should be able to get it from Netflix or the library, I'm just drawing a blank.

Someone e-mail me with some ideas!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ian's Pre K Graduation

This past Friday Ian graduated Pre K. Yup, this means he'll be starting Kindergarten in the fall.

They worked really hard getting ready for the graduation by practicing songs:

Ian sang loud enough for everyone to hear & he knew MOST of his hand motions!

Each child in the class received a special award based on their talents. One got most creative, one got best manners, etc. What did Ian receive? Most Energetic Boy. Yup. That's Ian!

He got hot after the ceremony, so took off his cap right away, but was so proud of himself to have graduated. We were very proud of him, too. He learned so much and is starting to read some words now.

A picture with his teacher, Miss Simone, that Leah had to get in on too. She came to drop Ian off every morning to class, so probably felt like she was a part of the whole thing, too.

After the ceremony we let Ian pick where we would go to lunch, so we of course went to McDonalds. For dessert we surprised him with a stop to our local ice cream shop for a treat. The Italian Ice Cream they serve is delicious & Ian got one they shape into a snowman while Leah got the mouse. All in all a very enjoyable day!