Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who Needs Pictures of the kids?

So, while I was sorting through some papers here I came across the pictures we took for Leah's 2nd birthday & Ian's 3rd Birthday. I know, yes, I'm WAY behind in getting these to everyone.
These were the ones we had take in Cincy by our fantastic photographer at the JC Penny's studio there.

So, I remember giving the grandparents some frames one year for Christmas & I can't remember what size I gave you. If anyone one is interested in some of these nice shots, please reply to this blog post & I'll do my best to get these out in the next couple of weeks. Right now I'm sorting & cutting them apart.

I'm pretty sure NO ONE got any of Leah's second birthday shots due to the extraorinarily stressful year we had last year. I think SOME of you got some of Ian's third birthday shots.

Please let me know what size you need & if you want ones of Ian or Leah or both (I even have a few from Ian's third bday shots that have a couple of both kids together). I'll do my best to honor all requests. I have 8X10, 5 X 7, 4X6 and a few wallet size.

For Tim & Pam - Please let me know which ones you think Grandma Skinner needs.

For Lynne & Chuck - Please let me know which ones Nana & Grandpa Miller need.


We missed doing prints for Ian's 4th birthday and Leah's 3rd birthay. Hopefully we'll get back on track with Ian's 5th birthay coming next month.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Our day trip to Bad Kreuznach

The kids & I took a day trip to the town of Bad Kreuznach where they were holding the Reinland Paltz days this past weekend. They were working on setting up the booths while we were walking around a bit seeing some of the sites.

We saw the river & this building was one of the oldest in town. I believe it's from the 1600's & is now an eyeglass shop.

Here was one of the churches we wandered into. I'm pretty sure it was a catholic church.

Here are the kids & I out by the river.

Finally one of the kids. They were excited to see all of the ducks. We had lunch by the river & then did a little bit of shopping. The kids had fun counting all the ice cream shops in town. Of course, they sampled some as well!