Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Leah's Dance Recital

Thought I would share a few pictures from Leah's recent dance recital. She is learning tap & ballet and she is loving every minute of it. I did take some video of the recital, but I can't figure out how to get it from the card to the computer yet. I also took it sideways, so just shows how much i know about doing the video thing right now...

Anyways, here is Leah dancing to one of the tap songs:

And doing some of the moves with some of the ballet stuff mixed in:

Walking with a bean bag on her head, they are working on balance (Leah had also done this in gymnastics, so she knows what to do here):

Sitting and hanging out waiting for the music to start:

At the end of each class all the girls gather with their teacher to tell what their favorite part of class was & to get sprinkled with fairy dust:

My mom & Ian had fun watching the dustings after the recital. Hope everyone enjoys the pics. If I figure out how to do the video thing, I'll try to post one here.


New Swim Class

We recently started a new series of swim classes after taking the summer off. Ian is now in the Big Pool, which the depth starts at 4 ft. deep. He was a bit nervous before the class (as was I), but he managed to jump right in at the beginning of class:

His new teacher is wonderful. She had him swimming in no time, and Ian did great listening for a change of pace.

Here he is half way through the class & is all smiles. He had so much fun that first class, and is still really enjoying being in the deeper pool. He wants to swim under the water now & his teacher is trying to teach him the strokes on top of the water, so we're working on it a bit.

Leah is still in the kiddie pool that only goes about 3 ft. deep total. She is still working on getting her kicking down in her class and she finally hit a milestone in her last class, she finally put her face in the water! She's had a real fear of going under the water, so this was a huge step for her. She wears the goggles & ear plugs because of her ear tubes, so that gave her some comfort.

On the way out, they have a new display in the lobby and the kids of course have to put their faces in the holes now every time we go swimming. Leah is in the mermaid side & Ian is in the sea king side.

Hopefully the kids will continue to learn & progress in their swimming skills so we can eventually take classes here on our base. Leah is the slower swim learner, but I'm excited by her progress. She has always been more timid in the water, even in the bathtub, so getting her comfortable in the water is worth the drive to the nearby air force pool. Hope everyone enjoys the pictures.


Friday, October 2, 2009

School Carnival and more...

First of all, I'd like to thank my sister Christina for letting me use some of the pictures that she took while on her trip here from Memphis.

We went to the Elementary School Carnival tonight & the kids had a blast. I'm thinking they are going to sleep well tonight!

They played the "fishing game" and Ian is here looking at his prize he got while Leah sees what she got:

They also both had fun in the bouncy houses. Ian went into the bigger kids bouncy house:

Leah went into the one for the smaller kids:

We had dinner out there & each kid got some cotton candy & popcorn, so they were very happy campers.

Since I know Marc will also be happy to see a couple other pictures of the kids, here are they kids before Leah's ballet class:

And also here is one of us at home & the kids were waving at Christina & there I am in the background trying to get out of the picture.

I hope everyone enjoys seeing a few pictures of the kids & I hope all is well with all of you!