Sunday, August 28, 2011

A quick trip home

Once again, it has been quite some time since me last blog post. I was going to try to post while on our vacation to see our families a couple of weeks ago - but we can all see just how well that went!

I finally have Lightroom support for my camera, so now I'll be working my way through those past couple of trips and posting those photos. For now, though, I figured I'd post just a couple of shots from our trip.

Don't expect too many of those - as I wasn't as diligent in taking photos as I'd hoped (or just wasn't happy with what I got). I think my brother Jeff took the camera for this one, I think it turned out very well.

Leah was the flower girl and we may have found her ideal job! She loved every second of it and did a great job. Ian handed out maps after the service, and from what I can tell, no one got lost. Both of them were just so happy to be a part of the service, had a great time, and did a pretty good job.

There was a picnic/gathering at our sister-in-law's parents' place the day after the wedding. As we drove up to it, I noticed the big front porch and the swing. I thought it'd be a great place for a photo of Ian and Leah. Of course, once their cousins showed up I had to get all four. Now I'm wishing I'd have thought of that at my father's place!

We spent a couple of days at my dad's place prior to the wedding. One of the days we went to the Columbus Zoo. They have all sorts of sculptures spread out around the place where kids can climb on the "animals". Leah stopped at EVERY one and asked me to take her picture. Every. One.

It was a hot day, but we managed to stay cool and explore a good bit of the zoo in the time that we had.

I'm relying on Catherine for photos from Miami. I didn't take my camera out much, or didn't like what I'd taken when I reviewed my photos in Lightroom. We had a great time there, of course. We enjoyed some Shorty's barbeque, fresh mangos and avocados (the biggest you've ever seen!!), family visits, and the beach. Unfortunately the beach didn't enjoy us. SPF 30 applied twice with only 2 hours in the sun left me with a decent sunburn. Who would've thought that 3 years in Germany and then a summer in Seattle would not have prepared my skin for the summer Miami sun?!? ;)

Have a wonderful day. Watch this space for more photos from our travels here in Washington.