Sunday, September 14, 2014

Camping with the Boy Scouts

Ian and I went camping with a local Boy Scout troop this weekend, and we both had a great time.  We got to know some of the other Webelos and parents, as well as experience some of what the Boy Scouts will be like.

Ian and a buddy won 3rd place in an orienteering competition!  I was just along for the ride, they did very well.

And here is a gratuitous selfie at lunch...

We have gone soft since moving to Texas.  You'll notice that we are wearing fleece.  The temperature last weekend was in the hundreds, and this weekend took a strange dip much cooler.  We struggled to hit the mid 70's.  Three months ago we would have considered that obvious shorts and t-shirt weather, but now we needed to bundle up. C'est la vie.