Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Family Photo

I finally got around to pulling the card from the kids' camera and seeing what was on there from our Yorktown trip.  A kind lady offered to take our photo when she came on one of the kids taking our photo.  So we had a chance to get everyone in a photo.

In other news, I passed my American College of Healthcare Executives Board of Governor's exam.  In a couple of years I will become a board certified fellow - which is pretty exciting.  It definitely opens up other career possibilities once my military career is done (no time soon).



Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Yorktown and Jamestown

This past weekend we went down to Yorktown and Jamestown.  Catherine scored some free tickets, so she booked us a night at a bed and breakfast about a 5 minute walk from the "downtown" and from the battlefields.

I brought my camera along for the trip, and what follows is a random collection.  The Yorktown Victory Center had a nice replica town and army encampment area.  The town had a some old clapboard cabins that had weathered beautifully, which served as a nice backdrop for several photos, like of Ian (above).

I don't know if the homes were really this well kept or appointed, but this cabin certainly had some old world charm.

Like I said, the old siding really appealed to me.  The holly was a nice Christmas touch.

I couldn't resist getting the kids together...

Down by the army encampment there were actors demonstrating how cooking was done, how muskets were fired, and what medicine looked like back during the Revolutionary War.  And of course, they had a cannon (this one is a field gun).

Leah got to take part in pretending to fire the cannon.  I think she was glad it wasn't a real shot, because it left off a pretty good boom just to shoot some gunpowder.

Ian wanted to check out the cannon, which was roped off prior to the demonstration.  The actors were kind enough to let him come up and even posed with him.

Ian is thinking of running for quartermaster for his Boy Scout troop, so this Quartermaster tent was pretty neat for him to check out.

After we had checked out the Victory Center, we went to the National Park, which now occupies the former British fortifications.  Leah wanted to do the Junior Ranger program, so here she is taking a bit of a break from walking around to fill out the form.

After a full day of sightseeing on Saturday, we made our way to the Bed and Breakfast - which was delightful.  The two brothers who own the place are interesting, with a beautiful home that their grandfather built.

Sunday we did the auto tour of the battleground of the last major engagement in the Revolutionary War.  From there we went to the Jamestown settlement and toured that, followed by a stop at the Jamestowne National Park, which is the site of the actual Jamestown settlement.

Have a great day!


Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Night at the (Wax) Museum

Ian had a school function tonight, where all the kids in his class prepared a backdrop, brought props, and got dressed up for a person he or she admired.

The parents waited out in the hall, and then the teachers brought us in while all of the kids held their poses (like they were the wax figures).  Kind of fun!