Sunday, April 17, 2016

We made it to the White House!

Twice a year the White House south lawn and gardens are opened to the public.  We made our way to DC early in the morning so we could get our tickets at 9.  After we had our tickets, we had to wait another hour before they let us in.

Christina is visiting, so she came along, too.  Catherine and Leah, below, are posing right outside the Oval Office.

A bit down the hill we finally had a nice view of the White House without too many people standing in the way.  The park service was handing out 500 tickets every 30 minutes, so there were a fair bit of people to contend with, but not that bad.  Honestly, the volunteers they were using to keep people off the grass were more rude than any of the tourists/visitors.

The obligatory shot of the White House from down by the kitchen gardens.

And the kids did a Junior Ranger program for the President's Park.  Since the "park" is open only four days a year to the general public, not too shabby!

Have a great day,