Saturday, January 21, 2017

More fun with Photoshop

I originally set out to photograph the kids in some oversized clothes to work my camera mojo, but then Leah had this idea.  "What if you made a spirit animal come out of the jar?"

Not satisfied with her patronus (the robin), she also wanted some pixie dust.  So I learned how to create a new brush in photoshop to add in the pixie dust.  Voila.  Leah and her patronus.

Ian took a look at Leah's photo, and asked if he could get a dragon (lots of creative commons picture searches tonight...).  It didn't take too long, and Ian really liked it.

Big wins at the Skinner house.

Nothing terribly new for the Skinners, just me playing with my camera on a soggy weekend.  Enjoy!



Sunday, January 1, 2017

Fun with Photoshop

After seeing Rogue 1 a couple of days ago, I thought I'd dress the kids up and drop them in to some fantastic scene.

Ian's outfit made me think of a desert scene, so I dropped him in to the back side of Monument Valley.  This is not the scene you'd see if you went there; I've reversed things so that Ian fit in a bit better without obscuring the towers in the background.

Leah's outfit made me think of snow, so I dropped her into a Mt. Rainier scene, looking south towards the Tatoosh mountain range.  Again, I've reversed things so that the light and scene "match".

Best wishes for a fantastic New Years!