Monday, March 27, 2017

Cherry Blossoms

We all had the day off Friday, so I got up early and drove into DC to grab a photo of the cherry blossoms, like I did last year.  The sunrise was nowhere near as spectacular, but it was still very pretty.

I chose to shoot towards the Jefferson Memorial this time, since I really like the shot I made last year, and wanted something different.  Unfortunately, there was nothing facing the east that also leads the eye towards the Jefferson Memorial, so you get the overhanging cherry blossom.

Afterwards we drove to Ft. Meade and looked at a couple of houses.  I don't know for sure that that is where we are headed - or when.  We were just looking because we could be headed there in the future.



Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hiking with the kiddos

I have a history paper due early next week, but I've become quite the procrastinator.  I'm looking forward to this latest school coming to a quick end, only a couple more weeks to go.

So for today, rather than write my history paper, I packed up the kids for a sloppy/muddy hike on some trails in the Great Falls National Park.

Ian and I are getting ready for a Boy Scout backpacking trip this summer, so we are putting more pounds in our backpacks and hiking longer distances.  Today, Leah joined us.  We have some late spring/early summer backpacking trips that the three of us will do.

After this week's slush/snow bomb and freezing cold temps, it felt good to get some sun on our faces and put in a few miles.

We found this cool, natural amphitheater along the way.  Both kids wanted to get out from under the trees and feel the sun.