Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hiking with the kiddos

I have a history paper due early next week, but I've become quite the procrastinator.  I'm looking forward to this latest school coming to a quick end, only a couple more weeks to go.

So for today, rather than write my history paper, I packed up the kids for a sloppy/muddy hike on some trails in the Great Falls National Park.

Ian and I are getting ready for a Boy Scout backpacking trip this summer, so we are putting more pounds in our backpacks and hiking longer distances.  Today, Leah joined us.  We have some late spring/early summer backpacking trips that the three of us will do.

After this week's slush/snow bomb and freezing cold temps, it felt good to get some sun on our faces and put in a few miles.

We found this cool, natural amphitheater along the way.  Both kids wanted to get out from under the trees and feel the sun.



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