Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tulip season

Since Nancy is visiting, and by serendipity I had today off, we decided to make the short drive to Burnside Farm to take in the tulips they grew.  While it wasn't quite as grand as Keukenhof (what is, really?), it was a nice way to get outside and enjoy some sunshine.

If you count Catherine's iPhone as a camera, we each brought one (or two).  The place was pretty busy for a Thursday afternoon, but not crowded, which was nice.

Not Leah's first wooden shoe she has stood/sat in...

This photo of Ian was a bit tricky to get, since he was in full sunlight.  Leah helped provide the shade, but the angle was difficult.  I was striving for Ian's blue jacket against the yellow daffodils, but this is what you get.



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