Monday, May 11, 2009

Let's Go See DORA!!!

So the kids were all excited last week to go see Dora the Explorer that they had visiting one of our other nearby bases.  Turns out that Dora wasn't able to make it but instead they had Dora's cousin "Nora" and Barney there.  Leah was afraid of Barney & Nora, so 

Here's a picture of Ian shaking her hand:

Ian also was chosen to pick the winner of the $25 gift card giveaway (no, I didn't win).  The kids had fun doing crafts, running in a blow up maze castle thing they had there, bouncing in the bouncy house, and they each got some goodies out of the Pinata they had there.  All in all both kids slept REALLY well that night! :)

Here's a shot of them coloring & Leah is wearing her princess crown that was one of the other crafts.  

A Quick Trip to Idar Oberstein

Hope everyone is doing well & those of you who are Mothers had a Happy Mother's Day!!

The kids & I had Flat Stanley visit us a couple of weeks ago, so we took a little trip to Idar Oberstein to get a couple of Pictures over there.  

Here's one of the kids in front of the Church in the Rock with Stanley:

The kids also wanted to take a few minutes to play on the equipment along the main street there:

They ran around the fountain a couple of times, and then sat and posed for a quick picture:

Finally the view from the top of the town taken from the overlook by the Church:

It's a nice little picturesque German town.  It turned out we got lucky and had a very nice Spring day to go visit over there. 

Let's see if I get another post done today.  I feel like I took some pictures somewhere else, but I have to find them...