Saturday, February 28, 2009

A couple of pictures of the kids

Hi everyone!  

Hope all is going well with you. I thought that I would send out a couple of pictures of the kids since it's been a little bit.  I actually took these pictures in reverse order, with Ian's pictures first, and then Leah, but as you can see from the bottom shot (my first one)...Leah wanted in the pictures too!

We have been enjoying some sunny days here and the kids & I got out for a walk today.  Well, I did the walking and pushed the kids in the double stroller while they both wound up falling asleep.  They did wake me up at 6:30 this morning, so I should sleep really well tonight!

Otherwise, not much else going on here.  Leah starts a 2 day preschool next week at the same place Ian goes to because the drive back & forth to 2 schools at the same time was just too stressful for me.  Hopefully Leah will be able to go back to her other preschool in the fall when Ian starts Kindergarden.

Hope that a few of you will send me updates!  I'm finally getting caught up on my e-mail. 


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Go ahead & e-mail Marc!

I wanted to put in a quick post that it IS OK to e-mail Marc.  His internet time is limited, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't like to see e-mails from his family and friends!!

We try to IM most days he gets on, but there are days when the kids & I have other things we have to do away from the house & so Marc gets a "check the e-mail" day at least once a week or so.

Marc has been doing well so far seeing patients and creating a routine for himself.  He does have a mailing address if any of you need it, please e-mail me.  He does love to get mail, it helps to brighten his day.  

The kids & I have started to send him notes and cards, but if any of you have time, please drop a line as well!


Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!  We've had some illness here, but are doing a bit better today.  

Just wanted to share with everyone my Valentine's Day Surprise from Marc:

He had our neighbor upstairs deliver some flowers to me a couple of days ago & they are starting to look so pretty now that Valentine's Day is here.

The kids also wanted to share their Valentine's Day wishes with everyone as well, so we took some pictures this morning:

Yes, Ian is wearing his favorite shark shirt again!  It is snowing a bit here, but we are probably going to spend most of the day inside so I can get some well needed rest.

Leah is wearing her Valentine's Day shirt that says "Falling for you" on it with the hearts.

The kids have already made some cards to send to Marc this morning, so now I just need to do mine.

My mom has arrived back in Miami safely, but not before getting the dreaded stomach virus that hit all of us but Leah yesterday.  I'm fighting a head cold as well, so yesterday was NOT a fun day.

Hope all of you are doing better!! Have a happy day!


Friday, February 6, 2009

One final update (for now)

Ok.  Well, Marc has found a way to call home for free.  It's a little bit odd since there are people listening (at least) on his end. I had to edit my other post because I don't want Marc to have any issues.  Apparently he isn't allowed to receive items worth more than $20 from any one person.  Something to keep in mind. 
So, one more final Thanks to all of you for your kind words & thinking about us!!
If you need Marc's address, please e-mail me.  He would enjoy receiving some mail.  
Just keep in mind it will probably take a month to arrive from the states.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cards needed!

Well, today has been a bit of a trying day for me.  Somehow watching the SuperBowl here made me wonder how much people in America care about the troops and if they even do care anymore.

I posted to my moms group & boy did they ever let me have it!  They overwhelmed me with support and also in the process gave me a couple of ideas that I need you guys to help us out with.  

I know a couple of you are crafty & or have access to other things, but I would like to send Marc (or if you already have his address, go for it!) some blank cards that he can just throw into an envelope and mail to the kids to send them little notes. They love getting mail (as do maybe he will think to send one my way occasionally as well).  Ian has been sending some e-mails Marc's way (I've been helping with the typing), and Leah has been chiming in occasionally as well. I've already started sending boxes Marc's way with art from the kids along with books, DVD's and other items he's been asking for.  If anyone has a few extra blank cards they want to send my way as well that would be great.  I'll start sending them his way as well (just let me know if they are for the kids & I or Marc when you send them).  No stamps are needed as we can send postal mail to each other for free.

Oh, and a couple of other quick wise I'm doing fine.  The colonoskopy went without issue & they told me they would see me in 10 years.  Turns out it was E Coli that I had after Thanksgiving (still not fun, but nice to know I've made it through and am healthy again).
We've had Christmas Cards Returned for several of you...I am working to get them back out again, so they will obviously be Very late.