Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fun at home

We had some sun (finally!) this weekend, so I decided to play with my flash. Here the flash is behind Ian lighting him from behind; I used natural light to "light" Ian. I decided to play around and try to make this fun for Ian, but this is the look I got. . .

It doesn't take a whole lot to get either Ian or Leah to goof around, so here is another one of Ian having some fun . . .

The snow is finally gone. I won't hold my breath that we won't get any more this winter/spring, but I surely can hope and pray ;) On an unrelated note, our time with this view is limited, we sign our lease this Wednesday. Next place has a view of the largest ruined castle in Germany! It is a beautiful little village, and Catherine and I can't wait to move!

Finally, we have had a ton of wind today. Pretty strong stuff, it actually knocked out power for a while. I grabbed my camera and took some shots of the leaves flying by. Good thing we had plans further south of here. It got us out of the house while the power was out. We took a spin past our new "house". Can't wait.

I hope all is well out there with everybody!



Monday, February 15, 2010

Just Having Some Fun

Okay, I've been kicking around the idea for a website lately. This photo is one I thought up for my "Contact Me" page.

Ian did a fantastic job and had a lot of fun with this. This is actually two stitched photos, so Ian had a great time yelling for his, and he was the photographer for me!

Enjoy everybody!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! Nothing new to report here, just some new photos of the kids. For a bonus I've included a photo I made for Catherine. Happy Valentine's Day!

Leah and Ian were enjoying some coloring this evening, so I set up my light and snapped away.

Once again Ian is the hard one to photograph. He just gets so wrapped up in everything else that looking in the direction of the camera is just a chore not to be tolerated. We'll work on that.

I hope you've all had a nice Valentine's Day. Cheers,


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just more photos . . .

Hey everybody. Nothing new to note here. Our big snowstorm yesterday was great fun, but short lived. I got to come home a bit early, and it was snowing hard, blowing, and piling up fast. Only problem was that it warmed up during the night and started to melt all the snow! If it had snowed all night instead, I probably could have had a day off. C'est la vie.

The kids were having fun tonight watching "The Backyardigan's", so I grabbed my flash and shot some photos. This is one of my favorites of the bunch of Ian.

I tried to use a lamp to give Leah a halo. Only way she'll get one ;) (of course I'm kidding, she's my princess)

And a photo of the snow from last night. The stairs are buried and the snow was deep. Still is in places, but with the rain we're supposed to get, probably not for long.

I hope all is well out there with everyone!